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Founded in November of 2020, RARE (@Rare.Rugs, Rareware) has been creating and supplying custom handmade rugs globally. We are one of the UKs number one sources for custom rugs and homeware. We currently offer two styles of rug/mat, hand-tufted and printed. Alongside this, we now also offer a variety of other accessories for your home. We are able to provide 1 of 1 bespoke designs as well as supply rugs in bulk for your brand or business, we have something to suit everyone and their needs. RARE’s goal is to provide unique homeware pieces which are not available anywhere else whilst keeping quality and cost in mind.

I have personally been hand-tufting rugs since November of 2020. With the knowledge and experience I have gained over the past year practicing my craft, I hope to make Tufting more accessible as a hobby and aim to do so by providing high quality but affordable equipment and materials.

Hand-tufted Rugs


  • Thick pile (Plush/Thick carpet like feel)
  • 100% handmade bespoke piece
  • Can be used as a tapestry (Wall mounted)


  • Not recommended to be used in high foot traffic areas as it can lead to wear & tear
  • Inclusion of smaller details may be limited due to the process of how the rugs are created
  • Size limitations

Printed Rugs


  • Allows for great detail and accuracy
  • Hardwearing meaning they can be used in high foot traffic areas
  • No size limitations
  • Bulk orders available for duplicate designs


  • Requires high quality images to be effective
  • More flat/mat like compared to our hand-tufted rugs (Not as soft)
  • Less of a personal feel due to not being handmade